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One Step Toward a Sustainable Society

Resource Revival recycles discarded bicycle parts, collected from bike shops throughout the country to create clocks, frames, bottle openers and sculptural storage.
Boris Bally makes furniture and jewelry from retired aluminum traffic signs. He collects them throughout the country and stores them in his studio. Bally uses approximately 25 tons a year for his designs.
Jeff Davis creates functional designs from unplayable 33 rpm vinyl records which he rescues from the basements and garages of America. Vinylux recycles about 125,000 records annually.

I started Eco-Artware.com in 1999 to provide unique, well-made and stylish gifts for people searching for environmentally friendly gifts online. From the beginning, we have always offered eco-friendly items made from reused, recyclable and natural materials.

Our artists have a special imagination and talent to identify and use sustainable materials--these supplies are not always easy to find. It sometimes takes detective work to locate retired aluminum road signs to make into chairs, obsolete typewriters to give up their keys for cuff links, old bicycle parts for picture frames. Some artists look out for used or discarded (but perfectly good) materials such AS 33 rpm records and transform them into innovative bowls and coasters.

At Eco-Artware.com, we care about workers' rights and quality of life, and check that all the people who make our products receive fair wages and work reasonable hours in good conditions.

We pack your orders in a way that is also easy on our environment. Most of our packing peanuts and bubble wrap are reused from boxes we receive, and we spread the word to our neighbors and local stores to let us know when they have some available. We also find some by answering notices on Freecycle.org and our local neighborhood web chatroom. When necessary, we buy only biodegradable packing peanuts. We hope you will find a little space to store these supplies, too, and use them for your future shipping.

With the help of our visitors and returning customers, Eco-Artware.com has compiled a Recycling Guide, a growing directory of resources to help find new homes for everything from appliances (in good working order) to wedding dresses. If you know of a good resource, please let us know and we will add it.

Sustainable living is about choice. Until the term "environmentally friendly" is a universal standard like "preshrunk," we need to look for it. We know you are looking for it, too, because you are here. I hope Eco-Artware provides you with stylish, design-savvy gift choices as we see what other steps we can take toward an environmentally friendly world.

If you have any suggestions, questions or thoughts, please let us know.


Reena Kazmann

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