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Readymade Eco Gift Wrap

Your carefully selected eco-friendly gifts need attractive wrappings that are just as eco-friendly. We've assembled this list of resources to help you find the perfect recycled yet artistic readymade papers, ribbons, bows, tags and everything else you need to make your present from Eco-Artware, well, presentable.

Why Use Readymade Recycled Gift Wrap?

Benefits of manufacturing recycled papers:

  • Conserves our forests
  • Requires less water
  • Saves on landfill space
  • Requires fewer chemicals and bleaching materials compared to virgin paper products
  • Decreases air and water pollution

Benefits of soy and vegetable-based inks:

  • Soy ink can be removed more easily than petroleum-based ink during the de-inking process of recycling. This causes less damage to its paper fibers.
  • The waste left from the soy ink during the de-inking process is not hazardous and can be treated easily.

Where to Find Recycled Paper Gift Wrapping Supplies

  • Crinkle Co
    A Purse Gift Bag Kit from Crinkleco
    A Purse Gift Bag Kit
    from Crinkleco.

    Gift wrap, pillow boxes, gift bags and purse style gift bags.

  • Fish Lips Paper Designs
    Gift wrap paper sheets, tags, invitations.

  • Earth Presents
    Gift paper from Earth Presents
    Gift paper from
    Earth Presents.

    Gift wrap paper sheets, tags, bags, gift wrap sets.

  • Green Field Paper
    Gift wrap paper sheets.

  • Green Paper Company
    Gift Wrap from the Green Paper Company
    Gift Wrap from
    the Green
    Paper Company.

    Green wrap paper sheets, invitations, stationery sold through retail stores (listed).

  • Little Kay Gardens
    Plantable seeded paper made from 100% recycled paper.

  • Nashville Wraps
    Wholesale to the public catalogue. Service charge for orders under $25.
    Carries some "green" products in addition to others, raffia, recycled eco ribbon, recycled paper bows and ribbons, tree-free papers and bags.
    Offers 100% recycled tissue paper--some in packages of 25 sheets and others in packages of 120 sheets.
    Eco-friendly supplies usually not in one place--scattered throughout the paper catalogue.

  • Snail's Pace Paper from the Monks at Abbey Press
    Wrapping paper from Snail's Pace
    Wrapping paper
    from Snail's Pace.

    Gift wrap paper, gift wrap bags, cards, tags, peel and stick bows from recycled paper.

Where to Find Eco Ribbons and Bows

  • Cream City Ribbon
    Package tied with Cream City Ribbon
    Package tied with
    Cream City Ribbon.

    Non-woven cotton ribbon, recyclable.

  • Etsy - a site for independent craftsmen
    For pre-made bows from reused paper: Search
    "recycled bows for packages" in their catalogue