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Gifts for Groomsmen

In the days of swords and chivalry, the role of best man was to help the groom kidnap and protect his bride from others wanting her hand in marriage. While the job of a groomsman isn't as tough in modern day weddings, to stand with the groom is an honor worthy of a memorable gift. You can buy a wedding attendant gift from our online store.

Click photos for descriptions and ordering information for a unique groomsman gift idea.

Stainless Steel Typewriter Key Cuff Links
Vintage Typewriter Key Cuff Links $38-$43
Motherboard Money Clip
Motherboard Money Clip $15
Business Card Case
Business Card Case $29
Buffalo Nickel Cuff Links
Buffalo Nickel Cuff Links $70
Multi-Tool Pen
Multi-Tool Pen $35
Fire Hose Unisex Belt
Fire Hose Unisex Belt $45