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For the Kitchen

The kitchen is the center of most homes, and the center of most homeowners' recycling efforts: cans, bottles, paper or plastic (or better yet, reusable) bags. Our latest line of artisan-crafted products helps take the ethos of reuse to the next level, offering clever, useful kitchenware created from sustainable materials and some otherwise destined for the landfill.
Carved Wood Tea Strainer
Carved Wood Tea Strainer $16
Lazy Ladle notched to rest on pot edge
Spouted Lazy Ladle $48
Spoon Fruit Bowl
Spoon Fruit Bowl $66
Lazy Spoon notched to rest on pot edge
Lazy Spoon $32
Magnetic Toast Tongs
Magnetic Toast Tongs $15
Wiggle Slots Wide Spatula
Kitchen Bouquet $100 for set of three
Recycled Chopsticks Folding Basket
Recycled Chopsticks Folding Basket $32 (also available in black)
Golf Club Bottle Opener
Golf Club Bottle Opener $75
Cutlery Cookbook Stand
Cutlery Cookbook Stand $83