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Have fun and live lightly on the earth with our eco-friendly designs. Make a toast with artful goblets and tumblers reincarnated from sturdy wine bottles. At gatherings, keep track of your glass with a beaded marker (and save using up another one). Our nostalgic record bowls and record label coasters are made from actual, unplayable vinyl records; these motherboard coasters come from unusable circuit boards; our wire baskets are made from recycled telephone wires. We think they make everything taste better, too.

Sailboat Bottle Caddy
Sailboat Bottle Caddy $82
Wine Taster Bottle Caddy
Wine Taster Bottle Caddy $82
Bicyclist Bottle Caddy
Bicyclist Bottle Caddy $82
Motherboard Coasters
Motherboard Coasters $28/set of 6
Frustrated Golfer Wine Caddy
Frustrated Golfer Wine Caddy $82
Vinyl Record Coasters
Vinyl Record Coasters $20 Set of six
Tree of Life Menorah
Tree of Life Menorah $85
Pentatray $85 each, Set of 3 trays $240
Catch-All Caddy
Catch-All Caddy $28