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Eco-Spirals and Pearls Necklace
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Eco-Spirals and Pearls Necklace
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Eco-Spirals and Pearls Necklace

Size: 18" Long

Price: Was $135 , Now $112

A beautiful marriage of wearable modern eco-art and elegant pearls make this necklace truly unique. Intricate 4/8" and 6/8" handmade spirals of recycled sterling silver accent a central 7/8" spiral. Each is adorned with an elegant 8 mm white, naturally lustrous freshwater pearl harvested from pristine beaches and is suspended from a recycled sterling silver chain, closed with a round spring clasp. The result is a work of natural modern art, perfect for gift-giving or shameless self indulgence.

Roseann Gapusan, a Gemological Institute of America Graduate of Pearls, designs eco-friendly, handmade pearl jewelry using the finest untreated pearls. She buys direct from pearl farmers whose families have worked with pearls for generations and harvest only from pristine beaches in Southeast Asia and the Pacific islands to ensure the pearls' natural quality and luster without added dyes or chemical treatments. The pearls are hand strung and hand knotted to ensure durability and combined with recycled sterling silver clasps for the ultimate in eco-friendly exquisite jewelry.

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